Amul T-Special, 400g Pack


₹ 149
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Amul T-special milk is specially packed for Tea- stall vendors for making more number of cups of Tea. It contains 4.5% fat minimum and 8.5% SNF minimum and homogenized milk and more whitener in colour. It is pasteurized in state-of-the-art processing plants and pouch-packed to make it conveniently available in market.

Product Application:

Making of Tea or Coffee

Key Features:

  • Product Name:Amul T-special Milk
  • Product Category: Pasteurized Homogenized Standardized Milk
  • Ingredient Type:Milk Standardized Milk
  • Packaging Type:Pouch
  • Packing Units:1 L
  • Item Package quantity:1
  • Shelf Life:Use-by date mentioned on pouch
  • Storage Condition:Refrigerated below 8¬∞C

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