Merangkong Premium CTC Tea, 250 g

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Size: 250 g
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Merangkong, a pristine hamlet perched atop a hillock overlooking the plains of Assam, has since time immemorial, been the gateway to the territories of Ao tribe of Nagaland. Merangkong therefore has given birth to a number of legendary warriors. Legend attributes the unique vigour, features and youthfulness of the native warriors, as also the beauty of the pretty damsels of Merangkong to regular consumption of a secret elixir- a brew made from the wild and naturally growing tea in the valley.

The contents of this packet of "Merangkong" CTC tea is made from carefully selected tender shots of the tea bushes grown in the same valley of Merangkong, nourished by the uncontaminated nutrients of Mother Nature which is evident from the strong liquor, deep colour and unique flavour that distinguishes it into altogether an entirely different category of Naga Tea.

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