Nivea Men - Fresh Power, 50ml

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Nivea men fresh power charge roll-on, for men who want to feel fresh all day with a charge of powerful masculine fragrance. Nivea men fresh power charge roll-on comes with a powerful, warm, and masculine fragrance that provides long-lasting freshness. It contains musk and oriental notes that provide an instant gush of energy. Just one use of this roll-on deodorant before rushing out of the door, will levitate you with all the energy that you need for the entire day. Formulated with an optimal combination of reliable deodorant protection and Nivea men care complex, this roll-on for men delivers its promise of odour control far ahead of its peers. It has been tested to be safe on skin. This roll-on will give you enough energy to handle all that life puts in front of you every day. It lets you be proactive without causing damage to your skin.

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