Wyper Dyper - Adult Diapers (Pant Style) with 12 Hrs of Protection for Men and Women (Disposable) - 10 Nos (large)


₹ 590
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  • Benefit: super absorbency, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, 12 hrs protection
  • How to use: change the diaper every 10 to 12 hours to ensure maximum protection. Check the wetness indicator every hour. Change the diaper if the indicators mark erases away. A clean and dry diaper can be reused.do not apply any powder or cream before wearing a diaper because it affects the diaper's absorbency.do not stick the tapes directly on to skin but on the diaper itself to maximize comfort and fit
  • Ingredients: sap, wood pulp, non-woven fabric, elastic strings and tape

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